The Human Rights Activists in Iran (HRAI), also known as the Human Rights Activists (HRAI), is a non-governmental organization active in protecting and promoting human rights in Iran. Since its establishment in 2005, despite facing significant challenges, it has tirelessly worked to defend human rights, provide educational content, offer legal services, and conduct field activities.


Our journey in the Human Rights Activists in Iran began in 2005, starting informally and quickly establishing ourselves as a leading force in Iran’s human rights landscape. In 2009, we founded HRANA, the first specialized human rights news agency in Iran, aiming to create a comprehensive news source on Iran’s human rights situation.


Committed to neutrality and avoiding political affiliations, our goal has always been to highlight human rights issues in Iran, regardless of any political, religious, ethnic, or gender bias. Our focus has been on both online and offline activities in Iran. Our offline activities set us apart, allowing us to maintain a real and direct understanding of the human rights situation on the ground.

Over the years, our work has been recognized and validated by a wide network of volunteers, well-known activists, and professional human rights organizations. We have paid a high price for our achievements, including years of imprisonment, exile, and even the death of personnel.

We take pride in our diverse and inclusive leadership, including the significant presence of women who make up half of our workforce and leadership roles, as well as the participation of individuals from minority and marginalized groups at these levels. This commitment reflects our mission to oppose any form of discrimination and exclusivity.

In addition to our steady activities in various fields, our efforts have evolved over time. In recent years, we have focused on several key initiatives: Spreading Justice (a comprehensive database of human rights violators), Kardanan (empowering workers), and the Documentation Project of the Pasdaran (a database of institutions violating human rights).

Furthermore, thanks to a vast network of trained documentarians within Iran and advanced documentation systems, our organization plays a key role in monitoring the human rights situation and accurately documenting human rights violations. HRANA produces more than 40% of the firsthand reports on Iran’s human rights situation annually.

Over the years, the Human Rights Activists has produced an expanding collection of educational materials, including 16 books on various topics such as familiarity with international labor law, how to document human rights violations, and fundamental training for human rights defenders. In addition, we publish regular annual reports in both the Solar and Gregorian calendars, along with weekly, monthly, and event-based reports


Ultimately, our mission is not only to report human rights violations but also to cultivate a culture of respect for human rights in Iran. We aim to make human rights violations costly for the violators, encourage the development of civil society, and leverage international community support to improve the human rights situation in Iran.

With each passing year, the release of every report, or the execution of any campaign, we renew our commitment to defending human rights in Iran, standing against oppression, and striving to create a society where every individual’s rights are recognized and protected.