February 28, 2024

First Glance: Baluch people are deprived of a TV or radio outlet that would voice their issues. Islamic Republic media have boycotted Baluchistan’s news, and what is being broadcasted of Baluch people has an untrue show-like quality. Overall, the Islamic Republic state TV and radio programs that are about the violation of human rights of the Baluch people are not accurate in depicting the existing reality, and they are literally “blackwashing” and “lies.” The lack of independent domestic websites, newspapers, magazines, weeklies or even monthlies that could freely voice the reality of this province, which is known as the “most disadvantaged” and having the “most intense security atmosphere” within the Iranian provinces, has contributed to the problems. The weakness of the civic society has also substantially increased the pressing nature of these¬ issues; all together, they have killed the spark of hope among people who are carrying the weight of enormous oppressions and deprivations on their backs.Second Glance: The campaign of Baluch activists in its 3 years of activism, with correct and timely information and publication on violation of rights of Baluch people, has been a major step forward in breaking the media’s silence about Baluchistan. Considering the “deliberate neglect” of the domestic media, we tried to draw the attention of the independent and foreign media to this region; however, contrary to expectations, there has been very little attention. We experienced the same “neglect” once again, though it was a lot milder. Major media outlets have repeatedly offered various excuses for their rejection of our requests to print or broadcast news regarding the rights of Baluchistan. These outlets even had the designation of a professional news organization, but we did not receive the desired coverage and cooperation.