February 28, 2024

The external view of the “Human Right Activists, HRA” is visible to all, mostly through its news agency HRANA, and at a different level, through its monthly journal Peace Mark; however, the interpretations and perceptions of it may vary. What is the internal view of this organization, especially from the eyes of “one of its own?” Perhaps there is the need to dig deeper and farther than what is visible on the surface. Walter Benjamin speaks of this as two different views of the same country road — the view from the eyes of the person walking along the road and the view from the eyes of a passenger flying over the road in an airplane: “The power of a country road when one is walking along it is different from the power it has when one is flying over it by airplane… The airplane passenger sees only how the road pushes through the landscapes, how it unfolds according to the same laws as the terrain surrounding it. Only he who walks the road on foot learns of the power it commands, and of how, from the very scenery that for the flier is only the unfurled plain, it calls forth distances, belvederes, clearings, prospects at each of its turns like a commander deploying soldiers at a front.” (One-way Street, 1978, P. 27-28)This point of view might be interesting because I was not one of the founders or primary members of HRA. In fact, I came across HRA entirely by chance, and I had to start my activities at the lower levels of the organization. When opportunities for promotion within the organization were possible, I climbed to higher levels and have continued my activism as one of its core members. As someone who is not the founder but is considered one of the second-generation members of the organization, the reason behind my devotion to the organization could raise many questions.