History Will Remember Those Who Selflessly Give All They Can To Attain Freedom And Prosperity For The Mankind. Ignorance Of Human Rights, Negligence Towards The Principles Governing Those Rights, And Complete Disregard Of Their Importance Only Bring About Misery For The Masses And Corruption Of Governments. We Hold This Fact To Be Self Evident That Wherever Human Dignity, Honor And Rights Are Violated, It Is Our Duty To Rise Up Immediately And Fight Back Until Such Time As The Wrong Is Set Right Once Again.



Article 1: Name

This Organization Shall Be Called Human Rights Activists In Iran.

Article 2: Description & Goals

Human Rights Activists In Iran Is A Non-Political Organization Defending Human Rights In The Country. We Don’t Advocate Any Political Views, Religions Or Ethnicity. Our Organization Strives To Protect, Safeguard And Promote Human Rights In Iran.



    Human Rights Activists In Iran Is Comprised Of Five Departments: 1.1- Administrations And Public Affairs 2.2- Human Resources And Accounting 3.3- Department Of Statistics And Publications 4.4- International Affairs And Relations 5.5- Legal Department

Article 2 – Central Council (Board Of Directors)

he Central Council Is The Highest Ranking Body In The Organization. In Addition To The Director Of The Council And The Administrative Officer, The Department Heads Are Members Of The Central Council. All Decisions Are Made By Voting With A Majority Determining The Position Of The Entire Organization. The Majority Opinion Constitutes A Binding Decree.

Article 3 – Director

The Director Of The Council Is The Highest Ranking Member Of The Organization And Is Elected By The Members Of The Central Council. The Director Must Have At Least Three Years Of Experience As A Department Head.

Article 4 – Group Collaboration

Each Committee Consists Of Sub-Committee Where Decisions Are Made Through Group Collaboration As NeededThe Central Council Is The Highest Ranking Body In The Organization.

Article 5 – Membership

Membership Is Granted To Individuals Who Satisfy The Following Criteria. The Candidate Must Submit A Membership Request And Be Willing To Make A Commitment To The Organization’s Charter, Bylaws And Other Applicable Statutes. Additionally, The Candidate Must Complete A Trial, Membership Period As Defined And Approved By The Human Resources.

Article 6 – Change Of Duties

The Duties Assigned To A Member May Be Changed Upon Receiving A Recommendation From The Officer In Charge And The Evidence Of Consent From A Majority Of The Standing Committee.

Membership in the organization may be terminated upon receiving a recommendation from the officer in charge and the evidence of consent from a majority of the standing committee. Membership termination must also be approved by Human Resources and Accounting.


Membership Termination

Chapter 3 – Administration

Article 1: Finances

Membership Dues And Private Donations Are The Only Sources Of Our Income. Because The Organization Seeks To Remain Independent, It Doesn’t Accept Financial Aid From Sources That Threaten Its Autonomy.

Article 2: Official Documents

Only Documents Bearing An Internal Registration Number And The Organization’s Official Seal May Be Considered Valid And Authentic.