July 24, 2021

By Ibrahim Mukhtar
Anadolu Agency

The death toll from recent protests in Iran’s southwestern Khuzestan province has risen to 10, while 102 people have been detained by security forces, the Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), an NGO promoting the rights of Iranians, said on Saturday.

HRANA published a list of those killed and detained on its website, including two under the age of 16.

“HRANA has been able to identify 102 detained and 10 killed so far, all of whom we will name in this report,” the agency said.

Protests have been ongoing for days in the Khuzestan province due to water shortages.

Large demonstrations were seen in Ahvaz, Hamidiyeh, Hoveyzeh and Susangerd where the majority of residents are Iranians of Arab descent, according to sources.

Demonstrators demanded that the government stop a project that provides water transfers from the Karun River to other regions they said has led to water shortages.

According to HRANA, the protests have spread to at least 30 cities.

Meanwhile, Iranian officials said in press statements that five demonstrators and a policeman were killed by groups seeking to provoke unrest.