About HRA

About Human Rights Activists (HRA)

The Human Rights Activists in Iran (HRAI), also known as Human Rights Activists (HRA), is a non-governmental organization dedicated to safeguarding human rights in Iran. Since its establishment in 2006, HRA has been tirelessly working to advocate for the protection of human rights, delivering educational content, offering legal services, and conducting field activities, despite facing significant adversities.

Our journey commenced in 2006, initially operating on an unofficial basis, and quickly established HRA as a pioneering force in the Iranian human rights landscape. In 2009, we founded HRANA, the first specialized human rights news agency in Iran, aimed at creating a reference news library on human rights matters.

With a commitment to impartiality and avoiding political affiliation, our goal has always been to spotlight human rights issues in Iran, irrespective of any political, religious, ethnic, or gender biases. Our focus on non-virtual activities within Iran sets us apart, allowing us to maintain an authentic and direct understanding of the human rights situation on the ground.

Throughout our years of operation, our work has been recognized and valued by a vast network of volunteers, administrative members, and professional organizations defending human rights. Despite our achievements, we’ve paid a high price, experiencing years of imprisonment, exile, and even death of personnel due to our activities.

We pride ourselves on our diverse and inclusive leadership, with women constituting 50% of our staff and leadership roles designated to individuals from minority and disadvantaged groups. This commitment reflects our mission to oppose any form of discrimination and limitation.

Our activities have evolved over time, and since 2019, we have embarked on two key initiatives, “Spreading Justice” and a workers’ rights project. “Spreading Justice” aims to develop the most comprehensive database of human rights violators in Iran, facilitating the process of holding them accountable for their actions. Meanwhile, our workers’ rights project empowers the labor community by educating them about their rights and providing legal services.

Furthermore, our organization plays a key role in monitoring human rights situations and reporting them accurately. Our HRANA news agency produces more than 40% of Iran’s first-hand human rights reports annually, with an extremely low error rate of less than 0.2% thanks to our extensive network of trained documenters inside Iran and advanced fact-checking systems.

Over the years, HRA has produced an array of educational materials, including 16 books on various topics such as international labor law, human rights documentation, and fundamentals of human rights defenders. Additionally, we release two annual reports each year, along with weekly, monthly, and event-based reports.

In conclusion, our mission is not just about reporting on human rights violations, but also about fostering a culture of respect for human rights in Iran. We hope to make the violation of human rights a costly affair for violators, encouraging the development of a civil society and leveraging the support of the international community to improve the human rights situation in Iran.

With every year, every report, and every campaign, we reaffirm our commitment to defending human rights in Iran, standing against oppression, and striving for a society where every individual’s rights are recognized and protected.