Charter of HRA


Throughout history, those who have dedicated themselves to the pursuit of freedom and prosperity for all humanity have left an indelible mark. The neglect and disregard of human rights not only sow the seeds of misery among populations but also foster governmental corruption. We firmly believe in the fundamental truth that when human dignity, honor, and rights are compromised, it becomes our solemn duty to stand up and contend against such injustices, working tirelessly until they are rectified.

Chapter 1 – Introduction

Article 1 – Name
This entity shall be known as the Human Rights Advocacy, or Human Rights Advocacy in Iran.

Article 2 – Mission and Objectives
The Human Rights Advocacy in Iran is a non-partisan entity dedicated to the defense of human rights within the nation. We maintain neutrality regarding political affiliations, religious beliefs, or ethnic identities. Our commitment is to the protection, preservation, and advancement of human rights in Iran.

Chapter 2 – Organizational Structure

Article 1 – Internal Committees
The Human Rights Advocacy in Iran consists of five pivotal departments:

  1. Administration and Public Affairs
  2. Human Resources and Financial Management
  3. Research and Publications
  4. International Relations and Affairs
  5. Advocacy

Article 2 – Central Council (Board of Directors)
The Central Council stands as the organization’s supreme authority. It comprises the council director, the administrative officer, and the heads of each department. Decisions are reached through a democratic voting process, with the majority ruling representing the organization’s collective stance. This consensus forms the basis of our governing directives.

Article 3 – Director
The Director of the Council, as the organization’s leading figure, is elected by the Central Council members and must possess a minimum of three years of leadership experience within the organization.

Article 4 – Collaborative Governance
Each department fosters teamwork through its sub-committees, ensuring decisions are made collaboratively as necessary.

Article 5 – Membership
Membership is open to individuals who align with the organization’s charter, bylaws, and guiding principles, following a successful application and probationary period as delineated by Human Resources.

Provision 1 – Membership Termination

Termination of membership may occur with a recommendation from the responsible officer and the consent of the majority of the relevant committee, subject to final approval by Human Resources and Financial Management.

Article 6 – Role Adaptation
Roles within the organization can be modified following a recommendation from the responsible officer and majority consent from the relevant committee.

Chapter 3 – Administration

Article 1 – Financial Independence
Our operations are funded solely through membership dues and private contributions, ensuring our independence by foregoing financial support from entities that could compromise our autonomy.

Article 2 – Official Documentation
Validity and authenticity of documents are guaranteed by an internal registration number and the official seal of the organization, underscoring our commitment to transparency and accountability.