Take Action

There are several ways to take action towards improving human rights in Iran

Know of a Human Rights Violation? Document It 

Help us document human rights violations in Iran. As a citizen, you can make a difference. You can contact us and anonymously submit any human rights violations that you are aware of that has happened or is happening in Iran, it is as easy as submitting this anonymous form. All the submitted information will be anonymous and they will be reviewed for authenticity and fact checking before being published.

Show Iranians Your Support 

Human rights abusers have always enjoyed violating human rights without being noticed. Be the voice of those who fall victim to human rights violations in Iran. If you are a civil society organization or a media, refer to the news of human rights violations in Iran published by our news agency (HRANA) to be the voice of the silenced. 


Donate Now

Your donation makes a difference. It allows to assist the victims of human rights violations in Iran, as well as those who defend them. Recurring donations are how we can continue our work while staying independent.


Follow HRA on Social Media

Follow HRA on social media to observe the latest statements and positions and also receive the latest reliable information on the situation of human rights throughout Iran. 

Stay Informed

Human Rights Activists’ news agency (HRANA) publishes news regarding human rights violations in Iran on a daily basis. Sign up to our newsletter to be the first to know what’s happening and receive any breaking human rights news regarding Iran.