November 2, 2023

Representative of the Bahá’í International Community to the United Nations, Simin Fahandej, speaking at an event during the UN General Assembly UNGA78 in New York City on the situation of minorities in Iran. Ms. Fahandej stated the following in her remarks about the current situation in Iran:

“It is truly only through putting aside our differences, discarding ideas of “us and them”, “pure and unclean”, Persian, Kurd, Baluch, Arab, and Turk, Christian, Baha’i, Muslim, Jewish, Zoroastrian, or any other faith or no faith at all, and learning to live together side by side, desiring equal rights for all, and allowing for and valuing the participation and contribution of every individual and group in society, regardless of faith and background and truly seeing one another as members of one community and even family, seeing our story as one, that we can create an Iran where every person sees for themselves a place and can work together and shoulder to shoulder for its betterment.“