November 11, 2022

By Daniel Stewart


Ana Baneira, 24, from Spain, has been arrested during protests in Iran following the death of young Kurdish-Iranian woman Masha Amini, who died after being detained for improperly wearing the veil, the Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA) has reported.

The agency has identified the second detainee as Ana Baneira, 24. “Baneira’s whereabouts and the date she was detained are unknown. An informed source close to the family has informed HRANA that she has been detained in recent days,” the media outlet explained in a brief note.

Spanish diplomatic sources consulted by Europa Press have indicated that they cannot confirm the arrest of the Spanish citizen, but “the Embassy is closely following all the information” and is trying to contact the affected persons and their families.

HRANA mentions that “during the protests the security forces have arrested at least two Spanish citizens who are still in custody: Santiago Sanchez, 41, was arrested after visiting the tomb of Mahsa Amini” in Saghez and Baneira herself.

Santiago Sanchez Cogedor was arrested when he was on his way on foot to Qatar to watch the World Cup, Sanchez’s mother, Celia Cogedor, confirmed to Europa Press on October 28.

Sanchez’s family has been informed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that the Iranian authorities have confirmed his arrest, without the reasons being clear for now, and have let them know that “he is in good health”.

The Spanish ambassador in Iran, Ángel Losada, can request to visit the arrested in prison within the framework of the consular assistance that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs always provides to any Spaniard detained abroad. It is the detainees themselves who decide if they want their family to be informed of their situation and everything related to their case.